-Armor-derm™ Medical grade tattoo bandage

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x1 roll 10m x 15cm

ARMOR-DERM™ Medical grade tattoo bandage is the go to for results far superior to traditional methods of tattoo healing. Our new generation hypo-allergenic acrylic glue technology provides superior bonding to the skin while our revolutionary diamond perforated bandage design provides small pockets for storing plasma which is released from the body in the early stages of the tattoo healing process, normally wiped or washed away in the first 24-48hrs this clear fluid is a valuable asset and should be saved as it is part of the bodies natural healing response which is why we recommend locking it in with ARMOR-DERM™

Providing a breathable - waterproof - flexible barrier that protects against free radicals, resulting in perfectly healed tattoos. Results have shown tattoos healed in as little as seven days when used in conjunction with our specially formulated natural tattoo balm aftercare however results may vary from person to person. For best results follow our recommended aftercare guide.