Beard Oil Bamboo/Musk 50ml

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Killers & Kings beard Oils are made from the highest quality natural products on the market.
Including :

100% Natural essential oils.

: Fragrance 

: Bamboo

: Sweet musk

● Base. ( varies )
: 100% Pure Jojoba oil
: 100% Pure Argan Oil
: 100% Pure Almond Oil
: 100% Pure Wheat Germ

: 100% Pure Avacado Oil
: 100% Pure Sunflower Oil

100% Pure Hemp Oil 

100% Pure Castor Oil

● Why should you buy form us ?
Our Beard Oils are designed with just the right combination of the highest quality organic/pure & natural products on the market
this keeps your beard not only healthy but stimulates healthy growth starting right from the skin, daily use will start promoting a healthy full looking beard while giving it a nice healthy shine and equally important giving you some control over messy out of place hairs.

● Our Beard Oils also eliminate itchiness and dry skin that can sometimes be extremely irritating. This leaves your beard conditioned and soft with the added bonus of smelling like a King.

● All Beard Oils come in 50ml crystal skull bottles. Small samples may be provided in conjunction with or prior to sales upon request. Subject to availability. Buyer pays for postage $3.95

● Always do a quick skin test to ensure no allergic reactions occur, if allergic reaction occurs then discontinue use.